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Real View Graphics

Question asked by John Somerville on Aug 15, 2007
Latest reply on Aug 22, 2007 by Leigh C
Good Morning,  I am a first time user of the forum.   My problem is that we have two workstations thatare nearly identical and station 1 can use the real view graphicsand station 2 can not.  Of course I'm station 2.  I amrunning a Dual core pentium D 3.6ghz computer with 4 GB of ram, and the NVIDIA quatro fx560 video card.   Idownlaoded the recent driver for the card off of the website to besure that it would not be an issue.  Is there a setting that Ihave neglected to turn on/off  to allow the graphics to work? Please keep it simple if possible  I'm not that computerliterate..    Thank You in advance for any help.