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Lofted Cut Error

Question asked by J. S. on Sep 10, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 15, 2015 by Glenn Schroeder

Hi I am trying to make a lofted cut guided by a spline.  It is on the slope of a design i am making, but every time I try to do the lofted cut, the paths crisscross.  I don't see the little green spheres that you can usually use to straighten out a lofted cut.  I was hoping there was another way to solve this problem.  I keep getting an error that reads:


"At least two profiles (faces/sketches/curves/edges) are required to make an open loft.  Three are required to make a closed loft. To create a solid body these profiles must all be closed.  Profiles cannot contain multiple contours."


I am trying to connect two half circles with a lofted cut.  It should almost look like a half pipe.  I tried using the revolved cut feature, but it does not work very well because I want the end of the half pipe to be smaller than the beginning, and I need the cut to go down in a semi-u like shape, almost like a trough, or the bottom of a wave.