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    Is there a way to import a 3D Photoshop file to Solidworks?

    John Allgin

      Good morning,


      I am having to put a logo on a 3D print that I am making and I have the logo already made into 3D in Photoshop.  (it's a three depth 3D logo)  The issue is how do I import the 3D image into SolidWorks without losing the depth of the 3D logo in Photoshop and what file in Photoshop do I save it as?


      After doing this, how do place this logo that I have imported onto the 3D object that I want it to be on?


      I would have done this logo in Solidworks but it is a bit complex and was easier to manage with Photoshop.... but now I am running into this problem.


      Thank you for all help.


      Best Regards,



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          Chris Dordoni

          Hi John,


          SolidWorks does not have a tool to modify geometry based on greyscale values from an image (displacement mapping). While its a fairly common function in polygonal modeling apps like Photoshop, Blender, Modo etc., there are very few nurbs based modeling apps that can do it. Rhino is one that does, if you have access to it.


          If you could get a vector outline of the different levels in the logo, then you could use the extruded cut function in SolidWorks to subtract the logo shapes from your object.


          Can you post some files, or images of your logo?