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    Bunkspeed in 2016

    Greg Hynd

      I see bunkspeed is now included in 2016, this doesn't replace PV360 does it??

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          David Mandl

          The simple answer?  No.  Anything more detailed than that would have to come from SW's mouth, though.

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            Anna Wood

            Dassault purchased a company called RTT a few years ago.  RTT owned Bunkspeed.  So...... Dassault now owns Bunkspeed.


            A few of us have been wondering how DS was going to market Bunkspeed to SolidWorks users.  Now we know....


            In the future, it is anyone's quess what DS plans are for the rendering software packages they will license and support.  DS will need to speak to their plans for that.

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              Ralf Tide


              In Germany SOLIDWORKS Visualize (former Bunkspeed) is included in Professional and Premium.

              If they will integrate it, I would appreciate an integration like PhotoWorks or PhotoWorks 2.


              Anna, I am not sure if SolidWorks Corp is intrested in their customers. I think the main goal is to satisfy DS.


              Just my 2 cent,


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                  Anna Wood

                  Dassault runs SolidWorks.   SolidWorks is firmly controlled by corporate DS these days.


                  SolidWorks is interested in their users.  Dassault has a different corporate mindset.  A vision geared more to the big corporate interests.   There is a reason why so many of the key SolidWorks employees we have worked with over many, many years have left the company in the last 2-3 years.


                  Be mindful that a lot of what SolidWorks does these days is not necessarily of their own choosing.  They just work there and are keeping the boss man happy.  

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                  Stephen Endersby



                  The SOLIDWORKS Visualize product line are complementary to PhotoView360 not a replacement.  They are designed for SOLIDWORKS non-SOLIDWORKS users to create photo real images from engineering and design 3D data.

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                      David Mandl

                      Okay, now that a SW employee has commented, I feel a little more free to add.


                      Put it this way:  When you see the video for SW Visualize on the 2016 launch page, it's a standalone product that is not embedded into SW (similar to SW Composer).


                      I'm sure this analogy would fall apart after a certain level of scrutiny, but the relationship between PhotoView360 and Visualize seems to be roughly on par with the fact that you can animate and save videos of your explosions/animations in SW, but can also go to Composer for a more robust experience in creating animations and tech pub illusrations.

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                          Rob Rodríguez

                          I would have to disagree that Composer is a more robust animation experience than what is found in SW.  In fact the "connection" between Composer and SW files is really quite poor in terms of what translates and what doesn't.  It's been that way since day one and it continues to be that way in 2016.


                          At this current point in time I don't know because I haven't actually used the visualize product but speaking from using BunkSpeed Shot the SW Shot translation connection is limited as well.  If you actually go to the Bunkspeed's website www.bunkspeed.com and browse through their forum you'll see that it's pretty quiet over there.  For me not a lot of forum activity means there aren't a lot of users of the product. In fact the very first forum post is titled "Is BunkSpeed dead"


                          What I think I know about SOLIDWORKS Visualize.....

                          Its rebranded BunkSpeed Shot.

                          It's a standalone product

                          Its included (at least the base version, not sure about Pro) with SOLDIWORKS Pro or Premium

                          It uses the Iray rendering engine from (Mental Images) NVIDIA

                          It is GPU rendering software

                          At a minim they recommend an Nvidia K4000 graphics card Bunkspeed | Shot | Tech Specs   It's also specifically recommended that dual or quad graphics cards be used for professional performance.

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                              Johannes Anacker

                              Little corrections:

                              - SOLIDWORKS Visualize Standard is included in SWX Pro and Premium - SOLIDWORKS Visualize Professional will be an extra addon

                              - It´s using GPU and/or CPU rendering

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                                  Alan Sweetenham

                                  Ah so i was under the impression a decent Nvidia Graphics card was required to run bunkspeed/ SOLIDWORKS Visualise and that the memory of that card dictated the size of the scene you could load, i wasn't aware it could do CPU only rendering?


                                  I did ask this question of my contact at Bunkspeed when i trialed Bunkspeed against keyshot but never got a reply.

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                                      Rob Rodríguez

                                      From my talks today with the SolidWorks Visualize people.


                                      The software can use both CPU and GPU but I'm not sure if one method is more efficient than the other.  I'm going to have a play with it and do some comparison test with different cards and GPU vs CPU.  I'll post up results once I have the required things (software, hardware, time) to do the testing.  Nothing like some real world testing to answer this question.

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                                Chris B.

                                For how long will Photoview 360 remain?


                                I'm guessing it will probably get phased out after 2-3 years like PhotoWorks did

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                                Jeremy Grigsby

                                I maybe am missing something. I just downloaded 2016 sp0 and I have a Solidworks Premium license. I don't see the bunkspeed program. Is it really included?