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How to work with a 3D-scanned model hand (organic)

Question asked by Galen Woerner on Sep 8, 2015

Hey guys,


I've searched for something relevant to what I'm working on but found nothing.

I posted this question once and got the answer in the form of a file but the person who helped never explained how he did it!


Anyways if you could help me out here it'd be much appreciated


What I have is model of a hand.  The original file is a multi surface .IGS.  What I want to do extrude the hand into the background from the front plane.


The hand would look normal from the front (knuckle side), but the back (where the palm would be) would be a flat face.  If the hand were a mold, I would want all of the positive to remain, while the negative goes away, essentially creating an extrusion in the shape of the split line.  This sounds like an easy task, but nothing I've tried has worked for me, maybe because there are so many surfaces on the part.  I thought maybe I could extrude lines I converted from the silhouette, but the curves were getting tricksy with me.  Any advice on how to approach this would be much appreciated.


Let me know if you dont understand my explanation or something.


I've included my slightly modified (scaled) version as well as the original .igs file.


Thanks in advance!