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Scheduled task will not run despite chosen start time arriving. (Export to pdf)

Question asked by Nicholas Tam on Sep 8, 2015

I have been trying to use the task scheduler to export a batch of .DWGs in a folder to pdf.

Following how I had managed to do so in SW2013's task scheduler,

I would click on "Export files" in the left column, choose my target folders and output format,

and set the time about a minute or 2 ahead of the current clock time just in case.

In SW2013, the export task would run and while running, show task progress.


However when I tried to do the same in SW2015's scheduler, the scheduled task would just sit there perpetually and not run, even after the chosen time arrives.

I do not know what may be wrong, but I did notice that the date that I choose is always different from the date that is eventually assigned to the task.

From my observation for days up to 12, the day and month get swapped.


What can I do about this?