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How to locate features

Question asked by Kingsley Hill on Sep 7, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 8, 2015 by John Kamin

I am new to SolidWorks.  I am want to do a simple thing and while I can think of a few ways to accomplish it, I am sure there is an easy and recommended way to do it.


I have, for example, a 2D sketch of a stainless tube.  (extruded from circle on the horizontal plane).  I need to locate some holes in the tube.  I need one 1.375" from the bottom (horizontal plane) ... and a few others.  The need to be a certain heights.  They need to enter the tube from different angles, sometimes square to the tube, sometimes at an angle.  Is there a way to turn on a measurement readout for the cursor relative to a specific place or the origin.?


What is the recommended/trained/easiest way to locate and make the holes?