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    Interlocking Surface

    Connor McGuigan

      Hi. Im looking for help with the interlocking of surfaces in my mold tool and performing the tooling split. I have a feeling it has something to do with the shut off surfaces but is a guess as I've never made a mold tool before. Thanks in advance.

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          JOHN GEORGE


          I didn't get a chance to look at your model and split

          You can make the interlocking surface between your parting surface and the split sketch

          This sketch plane can be above or below the parting surface and should be bigger than the outer edge of the parting surface.

          If the outer edge of the parting line is not a regular shape, better make clean before split

          Youu can specify the interlocking angle at the split dialogue


          tooling split layout.png


          Hope this helps

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            Connor McGuigan

            Hi John. I didn't realize there had to be a sketch on the split pane but now that i have I've got another problem with the parting surface. I cannot get the parting surface any bigger than 40 mm without part of it disappearing so therefore cant draw the sketch inside it Have you any idea what could be causing this? it only happens on one side of the model although it is a mirror. I've attached 2 images of the model 1 at 40 mm and the second is 50 mm.  Thanks


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              Connor McGuigan

              Ok thanks John ill have a look at that