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Weird behavior - Some ghosts are working on my files

Question asked by Peter Persson on Sep 7, 2015
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I have had a strange things going one with my Solidworks files.


1, Every time i opens a drawing and then closes it, a pop up is telling me "The following documents have been modified" so i have to save, which i do. Open the same drawing again and the same happens again.... Who is "modifying" my parts and assemblies? No me anyway. I work alone so no one have access to the files.


2, Working with a drawings, suddenly all views get the red "not-up-to-date-frame". Pressing rebuild and all is okay for a while and then it happens again. Sometimes it happens even by pressing Save and the saved drawing gets the frames.


3, Open an assembly that i have not worked on for month, I often have to manually repair broken relations and mates with in it. Open the assembly a few more times and all is okay for a while, and then same thing again.

And same here as well, it claims to have been modified or its parts even though no one has touched the files for months.


How can the files be modified by them self???? 99% of my sketches, parts and assembles are fully defined.