Peter Gillespie

Optimizing COSMOS loading

Discussion created by Peter Gillespie on Aug 14, 2007
After 'upgrading' to 2006, the time it takes to load files with COSMOS turned on is significantly slower. This includes switching windows. I'm not dealing with particularly large files or complex assemblies, either. When I was running 2004, it was reasonably quick, about what I would expect. Now it takes a few minutes to load an assembly if COSMOS is on, while it takes under 30 seconds to load with COSMOS off. I'm running SWX 2006 SP5.1 / CWX 2006 5.0.

The other piece of info that may be useful is that the SWX file is on the server (has to be there, always has been, ran fine in 2004 that way), while the COSMOS results location is on the local drive. I can move the results folder to the network drive, but I can't imagine that would speed it up.

Any info is appreciated!