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    sw2015 system crash

    Scott Hopkin

      My SW 2015 is constantly crashing. Does any one else have this problem and is there a fix? Does it have to do with Windows 7 updates?

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          Martin MacDonald

          IT could be. Have you recently installed 2015?

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              Scott Hopkin

              Yes, thanks for reaching out. I believe I have the answer. After a lot of searching on the Solidworks forum I found mention of a Microsoft update KB3072630 that causes SW 2015 to become unstable. I'm in the process, at this moment, of following the instructions that were detailed in a post by Erik Rotolo 8/13/15, titled "Instability in Solidworks due to conflict with Microsoft KB3072630". I'm hopeful that this will solve my problem.

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                  Francesco Oorthuizen

                  hello Scott,


                  Is there a pattern in the crashes? Have you observed the same workflow when you crash?


                  My top 3 crash issu's + solutions

                  1: .dll crashes you can find these in your windows logbook. Solution repair / reinstall .net framework 3.5.2 and 4....

                  2: turn off the option Tools' > 'Options' > 'System Options' > 'FeatureManager'> 'Scroll selected item into view'. ( causes allot of hangs in certain workflows)


                  3: like you mentioned the solution for the windows update.


                  With kind regards