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BOM not showing properties correctly?

Question asked by N. Ritchey on Sep 5, 2015
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that, or i am not setting it up correctly...


i'm in the process of setting up some totally sweet new templates for an upcoming project. i'm trying to set up the drawing templates similar to the solid edge drawings i'm currently using at work which work well. this includes a "smart" bill of materials. but i'm having issues setting it up. probably just some stupid thing i'm glancing over.


the problem i'm having is that the part properties are not translating into the BOM. see the attached photo which includes a sample assembly with two parts.


(applicable properties)


PartNo          0150021

Title              BASE-BLANK

File Name     blank1.sldprt



PartNo          0150011

Title              WASHER-BLANK

File Name     blank.sldprt



PartNo          0150031

Title              ASSEMBLY-BLANK

File Name     blanka.sldasm


there are two problems here. SEE ATTACHED SCREENSHOT.


the bottom table is a default BOM table. you can see that under the column "PART NUMBER" it is not listing the PartNo property by default, but instead is referencing the file names of the parts. under the column "DESCRIPTION" nothing is displayed. there is no default property for "description" and i have not set one up.


the top table is a table that i've attempted to modify. in the "PART NUMBER" column i've linked the property to the PartNo property. you can see that it pulls this property from the overall assembly and NOT from the individual part referenced in the ITEM line. i don't fully understand the linking options, but i have tried all options available and i seem to only be able to link to the assembly properties, or the drawing file properties, but i cannot find a way to link this cell to the property for the part within the assembly (which is what that item line is referencing)


you can see the same thing happening in the DESCRIPTION column, where i've linked these cells to the "Title" property. again, they are linking to the assembly's title, and not the part titles.


BACK TO THE LINKING OPTIONS, when linking properties i'm given a choice between using custom properties from:

*current document

*model in view to which annotation is attached (this option is always grayed out)

*model in view specified in sheet properties

*component to which the annotation is attached


the first option (current) and fourth option (attached component) only allow me to choose from the properties of the drawing file.


the third option only allows me to choose from the properties of the assembly file


the second option is always grayed out


help's appreciated! thanks!