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Only half of the thread displayed

Question asked by Bozydar Pedziwiatr on Sep 6, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 7, 2015 by Peter De Vlieger

Hi there!


After checking out couple of other thread-display-related threads on this forum, and sadly finding no help , I decided to ask here for assistance.

The problem is that after making a cut extrusion in a thread, only the half of it remains displayed, while the other half vanishes (see scr shots as reference).


I have these options on:

1. All Annotations:   View menu > All Annotations:     checked

2. Cosmetic Threads & shaded cosmetic threads:     both are checked

3. Display Annotations:   Right click on Annotations folder > Display Annotations:     checked


I tried open-closing, rebuilding, etc. but to no avail.


Thanks in advance for any hints