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Attempting to create HTA installer and receive 'There is a conflict with Microsoft KB3072630....."

Question asked by Steve C. on Sep 4, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 8, 2015 by Steve C.

Attempting to create an HTA installer and receive an error.

Also, a standard install fails with the same message.



There is a conflict with Microsoft KB3072630 (published July 14 2015) which can cause SOLIDWORKS
to become unstable if installed or updated after KB3072630 is applied. Please
visit the link below for more information on how to:

  • Check if KB3072630 is installed on your computer.
  • Prevent problems if you have not yet updated SOLIDWORKS after installing
  • Correct problems if you have installed or updated SOLIDWORKS after
    installing KB3072630.

Click here for more details...



I have run the stated operation for the KB3072630 and it still fails.


KB3072630 is installed.

SolidWorks is NOT installed.



If I ignore the error and create the HTA then the HTA fails with the following.



The administrative image is not marked as valid: X:\3rd Party


Images are marked valid after they have been created successfully, by
updating the file .\\sldim\admin.dat.



I've tried changing the permissions on the file but access is denied for changes.