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Node values vs element values

Question asked by Simone Stampatori on Sep 6, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 29, 2016 by Steven Soeder

Hello everyone. A brief premise: as far as I know, both node values and element values are obtained averaging the Gaussian point of each tetraedrical element of the mesh model. Refining the mesh should result in converging of the maximum stress and displacemente for both visualization AND the reduction between the nodal maximum stress and elemental one.

The element values has the advantage of level the singularities due to a bad model while refinig is the leading process for the same goal in node values plot. There shouldn't be a "true" o "better" plot if I choose to use  one or the other.


Now, this is my problem. After many attempt to have a converging analyis (h-adapative method went always in faling the mesh), I finally found a satisfying meshing for the plot but here is the downsize: maximum stress in element values is below tha yield stress (170 Mpa) and only in one ( ! )  element (circa 166 MPa), the maximum stress in nodal values is above the yield stress (226 MPa) in a small area, very negligible compared to the model.

What should I do or what would you do? Try to find an answer or a similar case to mine but I'm stuck in a crossroad no more knowing if what I'm doing is right or wrong. I'dd appreciate your help, please.

Thanks in advance.