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Can't find Option to copy existing BOM

Question asked by James Braithwaite on Sep 3, 2015
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I'm desperately trying to use the same bill of materials on a second sheet of an assembly drawing.

The drawing on the second sheet is of the same assembly which is on sheet 1.


According to the Solidworks help I should be able to do the following:


To insert a BOM saved with an assembly into a referenced drawing:

  1. Select Insert > Tables > Bill of Materials .
  2. In BOM Options, select Copy existing table.
  3. Select an assembly BOM from the list.
  4. Select Linked to link the BOMs.

Linked BOMs have certain parameters and restrictions.You can edit the original assembly BOM or the copied drawing BOMs. Changes in one BOM update the other BOM. Formatting of linked BOMs is independent; only the data is linked. Formatting items include row height, column width, font size and color, and text direction.

You can unlink the drawing and assembly BOMs at any time, but you cannot reestablish the link. You need to create a new BOM to re-link the BOMs.




I cannot find the BOM Option which says 'copy existing table', I don't see it in the BOM's property manager and I've tried right-clicking all over the BOM. Also, I am unable to copy and paste the BOM from sheet 1 to sheet 2, I can only move it.


Where can I find the option to copy an existing table?


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PS: I'm using Solidworks 2014