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How to always open assemblies with as-built version of parts?

Question asked by Chris B. on Sep 3, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 3, 2015 by Chris B.

Hi Everyone,


Once we design a part (say a plastic component) and release it for production, then our sales engineers use that component in their assemblies, and they sell those assemblies every week.  Each assembly is a custom one-off, but using that production plastic component.


Now, when that plastic component changes, we want them to start using the new version in all their future assemblies.  But if we open one of their old assemblies in the vault, we want that assembly to only show the older version component which was used at the time.


We don't want the user to have to click any special buttons or workarounds to show the as-built part.  We just want it automatic - you open any assembly and it shows the plastic part that was current at the time.


Does anybody know a nice way of achieving this?


Many thanks,