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DimXpert usefulness?

Question asked by Lawrence Kiefer on Sep 2, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 4, 2018 by Matthew Lorono

I would like to get some feedback from the community regarding weather people use it, find it to be a time saver and how? It seems to me that if your using your models as the governing document for manufacturing instead of detail drawings that there is a use for it. However a lot of companies have not conformed to this practice but instead still regard the detail drawing as the standard for manufacturing and inspection. If you still have a need for detail drawings, then it is seems redundant to use DimXpert. Here's why I say this. DimXpert dimensions need to be put in after the model is defined as separate dimensions from those which drive the model. This being the case, in the model you essentially have to dimension it twice. Now its time to transfer this information to the detail drawing and lets face it, transferring DimXpert dimensions from model to print never looks the way you want or need them to. It ends up taking just as long to clean up the prints the imported dimensions are placed properly for an aesthetic drawing.

I have said in the past to SolidWorks that I thought that having the ability to define your model fully with geometric tolerances and datum is a great idea but only if those dimensions could be the driving ones thus having no need to dimension the model twice.


So, Who uses this feature, do you find it saves time and how? I pose these questions not to point out a shortcoming, but because if it is in fact a great tool that I am missing out on because of my lack of experience with it, I should like to know.