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I have renamed a configuration in and assembly. I created a derived configuration. Now I want to make my parent configuration my active configuration. Just can't get there from the derived configuration?

Question asked by Bruce Perry on Sep 2, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 3, 2015 by Bruce Perry

I tried a number of thing. Most of them commented out, ended up using the name to activate the configuration.

I am using SW2011.

There should be a way to get to the parent configuration from the derived configuration even if it means, just moving back up the ladder?


'Sets the active configuration to the named title

'MyConfigurationName = swApp.ActiveDoc.ConfigurationManager.ActiveConfiguration.Name

'swApp.ActiveDoc.ConfigurationManager.ActiveConfiguration.Name = swApp.ActiveDoc.GetTitle() & " - Open"


Debug.Print swApp.ActiveDoc.ConfigurationManager.ActiveConfiguration.Name


'Rename Active Configuration

swApp.ActiveDoc.ConfigurationManager.ActiveConfiguration.Name = swApp.ActiveDoc.GetTitle() & " - Open"   ', "", "", 1, swConf.Name, swApp.ActiveDoc.GetTitle())

                                                                '(swApp.ActiveDoc.GetTitle() + " - Closed", "", "", 1, swConf.Name, swApp.ActiveDoc.GetTitle())

'Get Active Configuration

Set swConfig = swModel.GetConfigurationByName(swApp.ActiveDoc.ConfigurationManager.ActiveConfiguration.Name)


MyConfigurationName = swApp.ActiveDoc.ConfigurationManager.ActiveConfiguration.Name


Debug.Print "My Config :" & MyConfigurationName


'Set swDerivConf = swConfMgr.AddConfiguration(swConf.Name + " Config Name Addition", "Configuration Comment", "User Specified Name BOM", 1, swConf.Name[Parent Configuration], "Configuration Description")


'Add a Derived Configuration

Set swDerivConf = swConfMgr.AddConfiguration(swApp.ActiveDoc.GetTitle() + " - Closed", "", "", 1, swConfig.Name, swApp.ActiveDoc.GetTitle())


swModel.ShowConfiguration2 (MyConfigurationName)


Debug.Print swApp.ActiveDoc.ConfigurationManager.ActiveConfiguration.Name


End Sub