Alan Thomason

Using motion while creating solid models

Discussion created by Alan Thomason on Sep 2, 2015

Overall I am a fan of SoidWorks, so please accept this suggestion in the spirit it was intended, to improve the SolidWorks position in the market place.


I would like to use Motion more, and I'm reasonably proficient with it.  I have a premium license, but I find myself talking customers out of expecting physics based animations rather than into them.  The reason is that while Motion simulations are running, I cannot use SolidWorks for anything else.  I try to set up simulations overnight, but it is challenging to get that started before leaving.  The SolidWorks response is that I should be a second license.  I doubt many people do this.  Paying a full start-up and license fees for one user for a fraction of the time is just not something most small companies can justify.  Let's use our creativity and find a solution that is more profitable for all.  I will start with the following suggestions, but if you disagree and have anything else to suggest, please feel free to chime in.  The assumption to start is that another PC is required to offload the work:


1. Allow use of a SolidWorks license on a per hour basis.  This could either be managed by a VAR or independents.  For this to be above board, it should go through a reseller and the VAR could get a cut.  Here is how it would work:

  A remote PC would be licensed with Motion and ready to run.

  Customers, but only those who already have a current license, could buy time on that PC.

  They would remote-in and start their Motion study running.

  Customers would pay per hour of use of the license plus the cost of the machine, plus profit for the VAR.  Say $2/hr.


2. Allow customers to set-up SolidWorks on a second machine for much reduced initial and update fee, but only if they have paid for the Premium level in the first place.


The cynical out there will note that SolidWorks already allows installation on a second machine, but what I have just described is forbidden.  I think there are quite a lot of honest small companies out there who would like to do things above board but from whom Solidworks and its' VARs are getting nothing because they are already cheating the system by using the second license or have decided not to do it.


Thanks for your time.