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DXF creation task not scaling 1:1

Question asked by Wayne Easton on Sep 2, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 26, 2019 by Yash Kothari

If I create a drawing with a sheet for laser cutting, I would like the DXF task which runs on approval to save the sheet out in such a way that the items to be laser cut are scaled 1:1. Currently I have to set the scale of the view in the actual drawing to 1:1 in order for the dxf to be scaled at the correct size. The result of this is a drawing sheet with most of the view off the drawing sheet.


If you save a file as a dxf out of Solidwork, you have the ability to set the scaling options but I can't see how to do this on the EPDM task side. The option dialog in the the task are grayed out.