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Quick change, must not bump rev

Question asked by Wayne Easton on Sep 2, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2016 by Wayne Easton

Sometimes it may be necessary to make a change to a released file without bumping the revision of the file (correcting spelling mistakes, etc.) This would be available to admin only. I have already created the loop in our workflow and it works well, however, there is an unforeseen issue which I do not know how to correct.


The changes we make to the files while they are in the quick change state still result in a version bump. The problem I noticed is that the where used for the file no longer shows any assemblies where that file is used in as that particular version of the file is not used in any assembly. If I do a get of the last released revision I can then see where the file is used. This is a big problem and would prevent me from using the quick change feature in future unless I can come up with a solution.


Does anyone else out there have a function method for this requirement. I'm sure there are others who need the ability to make "minor" corrections without affecting the revision level of a file and all of the assemblies in which it is used?