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What is the correct call out?

Question asked by Alfonso Cartagena on Sep 2, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 3, 2015 by Alfonso Cartagena



Below is the the initial code I used for reference and it specifically call out a M48 Counter Bore Hole.


swWzdHole.InitializeHole swWzdCounterBore, swStandardISO, swStandardISOHexBolt, "M48", swEndCondBlind




This is not the correct hole that I will need. I modified the code to reflect a 10-32 tapped hole below.


swWzdHole.InitializeHole swWzdTap, swStandardPCS, swStandardPCSTappedHole, "#10-32", swEndThreadTypeBLIND



This code crashes SolidWorks. Is there anything you see here that is causing this issue?


Thank you!