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Trouble copying/pasting part drawings

Question asked by Nathan Degraaf on Sep 2, 2015

I am trying to create a master drawing for a standard part that can be copied and pasted into other drawing packages. For example, I have a drawing of a lifting lug that is used on almost every order, so I created a drawing for the lug and populated all the title block fields the way I want them. Now I try to copy that sheet and paste it into a multi-sheet document that has other drawings for the order. It pastes in just fine, but all my dimensions lose their attachments (see attached image). Now I have to re-attach all my dimensions, annotations, and BOM balloons, which defeats the whole purpose of having a master drawing in the first place!


The weird thing is, this only happened with drawings of parts, not drawings of assemblies. I copied and pasted an assembly drawing into another drawing, and the dimensions and notes were attached. All I had to do was re-link the drawing view to the BOM.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.