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Another BOM title question:  Can't import custom property.

Question asked by Roy Dean on Sep 2, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 2, 2015 by John Stoltzfus

Ok, much like my last post, I am now resigning to creating stand alone boms for each configuration (as I believe it may be easier to get SW to do what I want).   I am attempting to put both the assembly configuration description and sap number (a custom property) in the title of the bom, using the $PRPVIEW:"SAP/SKU Number" text string.    This string works perfectly for an annotation in the drawing field (4 seperate assembly configs are shown, each one with an annotation that correctly shows it's SAP number), however it does NOT work in the BOM title block.   In fact, a curious thing DOES happen:


If I type:  $PRPVIEW:"SAP/SKU NUMBER" , Solidworks automatically converts it to $PRPVIEW:{SAP/SKU NUMBER} and begins to treat the string as a block (meaning it understands that the string represents a property).  See attached images for before and after (the first image shows the entire string before the ":" is typed, but as soon as I type ":", the quotes change to braces and the string transforms to a block).  However, it DOES NOT display the property... only the "string" itself (which cannot be edited as it is now actually a block).


Another curiosity is that I've seen many descriptions to use {} in these text strings, yet in my drawing annotations, it would not work unless I used quotes in place of the braces....


Any thoughts?   Our admin is thinking that SW understands my string, but is confused as to which configuration to use (even though the bom is "attached" to a specific drawing view, which in turn uses a specific config".   Any help is mucho appreciated.


[edit]  changed title to be more descriptive