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Fatal ERROR.  Major FAIL.  Solidworks 2015 SP4 crashes on Windows 10

Question asked by Robin Oury on Sep 1, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 4, 2015 by Robin Oury

How is this possible? 

Solidworks can't even open a file?


SW '15 patched to SP4 and it crashes when you try to open a file.  or save a new file.  or save as.


Windows 10.


Works in all previous releases, but with SP4 it dies.


I am really sick to death of Solidworks buggy software.  Releasing products that have major BUGS is totally unacceptable!


$5000 a year and I had to spend my whole day diagnosing this serious BUG.


Please start debugging your software before releasing it to the public and charging them thousands of dollars a year.  Not to mention the original purchase price.