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Evaluated Values in Cut list and Custom properties

Question asked by Ravi Shrivastava Employee on Sep 1, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 4, 2015 by Deepak Gupta

I am starting this thread to discuss and understand common practices which are used with Cut list and Custom properties for further improving your workflow.


One of the important problem in this area is related to SPR 576637 and SPR 838956 where Cut list property is not shown correctly when quote or inch symbol ( “ ) is used in the syntax  of  “Value/Text Expression” cell.


Simple way to reproduce:

  1. Open a new part and create a extrude.
  2. Double click on extrude dimension and change name from D1@Boss-Extrude1 to D”1@Boss-Extrude1.
  3. Go to File > Properties and create a property with Property Name as “Depth”
  4. In “Value/Text Expression” > select dimension of extrude feature.
  5. Property does not gets evaluated in Evaluated Value cell and show the same expression as mentioned in “Value/Text Expression”.       

Mainly the problem is seen because of the extra quote (“) symbol which gets added between the syntax D”1 since the primary expression is already covered inside the two quotes.

I would like to ask about common practices which you think can be accepted to improve this workflow.

Some of the possible workflows could be:

1. When creating a property, use different delimiter such as \,/,@ instead of quotes to complete the expression in order to accommodate quote in between the syntax.Example: < D"1@Boss-Extrude1@Part2.sldprt >

2. When creating a property it can be evaluated correctly only when a delimiter is added  before the quotes. Example:  “D/’1@Boss-Extrude1@Part2.sldprt” or “D@’1@Boss-Extrude1@Part2.sldprt

3. May be any other workflow which you think can be helpful with your current practices.


Please feel free to give your valuable feedback and your suggestions to understand as what further can be done better to accommodate your workflows.


Ravi Shrivastava

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