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    convert STL to SolidWorks format $$

    Daki G

      Hi everyone.  I have a STL file that I need to convert to a solidworks format. Wondering if anyone here can do it for me.. Of course I would pay for it..


      I have tried the method that charles put by using meshlab but am not having any luck.. let me know if someone can help me out.


      thank you

        • Re: convert STL to SolidWorks format $$
          Chris Dordoni

          Do you want it for a reference in SolidWorks, or do you need to be able to edit it or extract curves or surfaces from it?


          In  STL import options you have 3 choices, Solid Body, Surface Body, or Graphics Body.

          SolidWorks is limited to importing about 15,000 triangles or so as a Solid Body, and slightly more as a Surface Body. You can import millions of triangles as a Graphics Body, but in general that is only good as a visual reference, since you cannot snap to it or extract curves or surfaces.


          If you have Scan to 3D in your license (SolidWorks Professional), you might be able to convert the triangles into nurbs surfaces.