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EPDM Vault - Fresh Start Strategy?

Question asked by Chris B. on Sep 1, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 2, 2015 by Chris B.

Our company has an EPDM Vault, but has had no rules on how to use it.  So things are a mess from 5 years of random use.  There is one workflow, which we no longer want.  And file history, which we do want.



4 brand new workflows set up (one for each division of the company, with their own requirements)

Existing workflow goes away (deleted or hidden but not in use)

All unnecessary files deleted (cleaned up)

New folder structure - all remaining files moved into their new correct location

Remaining files switched from old workflow to new workflow(s)

File history kept for all files.


Can anyone point me towards the best way to achieve this?


Should we

-Create a brand new vault with new workflows etc and move all parts into that?

-Create new folder structure within old vault, move files around, and apply new workflows in old vault?



I'm creating the new workflows in a test vault, but am not sure how to proceed once those workflows are complete.


Grateful for any guidance