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Custom Property In Multiple Configuration BOM Table Header

Question asked by Roy Dean on Sep 1, 2015

Hi all -


I want to display a different value than the "default" column header of a multi-configuration BOM.   The default seems to be the "part number" (in our case, the configuration number).   However, even though all of our CAD data is managed by that number, our factories rely on a second number (the SAP number, which is defined as a custom property, "$PRP@SAP/SKU Number").   How can I change out the part number display for our custom property?   When using the "link" command while editing to the column header, we only have three choices:


1)  current document - This is no good as the current document is a drawing file, and we need to pull values from the configurations in the model file

2)  model in view specified in sheet properties - this won't work because there is only ONE configuration listed here... and each column (as many as maybe 16 columns, one per configuration) references a different "model" (config).

3)  component to which annotation is attached - this one is strange, as we're not even sure what exactly the "annotation" is? (is it the single bom table cell value, or is it the entire table?)  Additionally, our custom property doesn't even show up in the list when this option is chosen.


Any advice?   This is driving me nuts.... out only alternative is to do a separate drawing sheet for each configuration....  some of our drawings have hundreds of configurations!