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Automatic transition not reading variable correctly

Question asked by Tom Rendon on Sep 1, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 20, 2015 by Derek Lawson

We have a workflow that lets files be approved in a parallel process.  The file waits in a pending state, a checker from a department approves the file.  If all departments have approved the file, it moves on in the workflow (automatically), if not, the file returns to the pending state (automatically)



Each checker has a variable assigned to capture their name and date.  By default, those variables are set to "N/A" and get replaced with the username and date when approved.  Once all the N/As are replace, the file moves along.


When files are rejected (send to Reject Hold), all the variables are reset to N/A and the process starts over.


Everything works fine for most of our files.  However, about half of the files that get rejected get stuck when they come back through.


Here's an example.....


     1) FileA gets sent for approval

     2) It gets approved by Stress (sending through the Stress Check transition), returns to Pending Check via the Return automatic transition.

     3) It gets rejected by Electrical and sent to a revise state (variables are all reset to N/A)

     4)FileA gets revised and sent for approval again.

     5)All departments approve the file but the file will only return to the Pending check state.


The variables have been verified on the data card and in the database to be the names of the checkers and not N/A.


The frustrating part is that this fails only on files that have been rejected, but not all files that have been rejected fail.  There seems to be no pattern on users or checkers.


Any ideas on what to check or look at?