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    how to use TrueView to preview DXF files in EPDM preview

    Ben D.

      I am following this manual:

      InFlow Technology: AutoCAD EPDM Add-In Setup

      to make ePDM use the TrueView from Autodesk to preview DXF files


      After following this manual and performing as it says, my preview in EPDM of the DWG is still performed by eDrawings


      In KB there is this message: S-016345

      It says:


      By default, PDMWorks Enterprise will look for (and use) a DWG preview application in the following order:

      1. Trueview

      2. Volo® View

      3. eDrawings

      4. Saved bitmap in file


      But for some reason, the eDrawings is used on the first place for DWG, and DXF files.


      I also tried to figure it out by checking the values that these registry scripts (mentioned in KB message above)  write, but there are only DLL libraries linked in these registry edits, so I can not figure out how to set an application (the path to TrueView) to be launched when previewing DXF files via ePDM.


      So, how can TrueView be set as the default preview application in EPDM preview window for DXF files?

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          Ben D.

          So I found a solution, using KB and other sources. Here it is:


          1. PS just a note: eDrawings preview of DXF files fail when "Show bitmaps for SolidWorks files" is enabled - if you want to use preview of dxf files with eDrawings - disable bitmap preview for Solidworks files


          So for the TrueView:

          2. DWG TrueView 2015 no longer work in Preview tab since Active-X control 'acctrl.dll' has changed to 'dwgviewrAcCtrl.dll' *Regression* If DWG TrueView 2014 or older is installed, and registered (see attached 'How to register the DWG TrueView Active-X control.pdf'), previwing a DWG file should use the TrueView Active-x instead of eDrawings. However, this no longer works when installing TrueView 2015 - likely because they have changed the name of the TrueView Active-X control to 'dwgviewrAcCtrl.dll' instead of the 'acctrl.dll' as it was called in TrueView 2014 and older.

          SO: download and install true view 2014 (do not use 2015 version)


          3. Register required library:

          A - run CMD (As administrator)

          B - Step into the DWG TrueView install folder and type the following to register the TrueView active-x
          regsvr32 acctrl.dll

          C - Restart the system.

          D - To verify that the active-X control registered, start the registry editor (start, run, regedit) and locate the
          following registry key:

          The key should show the path to the acctrl.dll file and a “ThreadingModel” string containing value
          “Apartment” . If either or both values are missing, try registering the DLL again.
          If it still fails to create the key, reinstall TrueView and reregister the dll.


          4. Makes sure registry values for DWG and DXF are correct for ePDM:

          HKEY LOCAL MACHINE > Software > Solidworks > PDMWorks Enterprice > FileFormats

          check folders .dwg and .dxf - ensure they contain these values:

          Type: REG_MULTI_SZ

          Value: 2DeditorPlugin.dll

          If they are not there - create them and restart explorer or full PC