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how to use TrueView to preview DXF files in EPDM preview

Question asked by Ben D. on Sep 1, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 2, 2015 by Ben D.

I am following this manual:

InFlow Technology: AutoCAD EPDM Add-In Setup

to make ePDM use the TrueView from Autodesk to preview DXF files


After following this manual and performing as it says, my preview in EPDM of the DWG is still performed by eDrawings


In KB there is this message: S-016345

It says:


By default, PDMWorks Enterprise will look for (and use) a DWG preview application in the following order:

1. Trueview

2. Volo® View

3. eDrawings

4. Saved bitmap in file


But for some reason, the eDrawings is used on the first place for DWG, and DXF files.


I also tried to figure it out by checking the values that these registry scripts (mentioned in KB message above)  write, but there are only DLL libraries linked in these registry edits, so I can not figure out how to set an application (the path to TrueView) to be launched when previewing DXF files via ePDM.


So, how can TrueView be set as the default preview application in EPDM preview window for DXF files?