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Find where a Configuration Name is used in several Assemblies

Question asked by Joe Walton on Sep 1, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 24, 2020 by Ryan Zitzmann

     I have a part with several configurations.  Each configuration is a Part Number and relates to it's own drawing file.  Is there somewhere that I can do a search in EPDM to find that configuration name of that part in the several assemblies I have?  I can find the part itself in the assemblies by the "Where Used" tab, but I need to know where the specific configuration name of that part is used in an assembly file.

     I can manually open each assembly and see if that configuration name is used, but there are literally 30-50 assemblies with that part in it.


     What am I missing?  I am fairly new to EPDM so bear with me.  I looked in the complete search "History" tab, but that only shows where that is used in the part and drawing files.


     Any help would be appreciated, thanks.