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save bodies does not update references on pack and go

Question asked by Alex Rich on Sep 1, 2015

A well established design technique in Solidworks is to design multiple bodies in a master file, then "save bodies" at the end to create an assembly.  (you can also insert into new part or use the split feature)


I just noticed when you pack and go an assembly made up of derived files, Solidworks makes a complete mess of the references.  See example below.


Example: (actual SW files attached)


MasterFile1.sldprt (includes a Save Bodies feature that generates DerivedFile 1_1 and 1_2)



Assembly1.sldasm (contains DerviedFile 1_1 and 1_2)


when I pack and go Assembly1 to a sub folder called "pack and go", Solidworks generate these files:







Two major problems occur:


1. DerivedFile 2_1 and 2_2 still point to MasterFile1 -> they should point to MasterFile2


2. The "save bodies" feature in MasterFile2 points back at DerivedFile 1_1 and 1_2 -> should point to DerivedFile 2_1 and 2_2


While I can go in and manually update the "Stock" feature on both the derived files, find the correct master file and reassign the reference, this is not an elegant solution.


Is there a better way to copy an assembly that is made up of derived parts from the save bodies feature?