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    Adding Layer Settings to .slddrt files

    Eric Blankinship



      Background Information:

      I have an issue that I cannot seem to resolve and am wanting to ask if anyone in the community has a solution for. My company up until recently was using their own custom drawing templates in SolidWorks as well as customized drafting standard.  All of this information was gotten by logging into a database and downloading a .drwdot file which included all the settings we needed.  The issue we found to have with this was often times people would need to adjust sheet sizes in the middle of a drawing as they realized the size they chose was either too large or small and all the data would have to be copied manually from one template to the next.  I realized we could use the built in system with .slddrt files to solve this issue along with setting up all text boxes in the sheet format view to be linked to custom properties so all data would be easily interchanged. So I set up the documents and the file locations in SolidWorks to allow to simply create new drawings from models and pull directly from within SolidWorks.  Also then the drafting standard was inserted as well into the system since the .slddrt files do not automatically set the drafting standard.



      The Only issue I am having with this is that while all the layer properties are being loaded into the document when a new drawing is generated all the tool settings in document properties do not automatically attach specific layers to certain commands while it was all done automatically when we used the downloadable .drwdot files.  It can either be changed in the system options post starting a new drawing or people can start with downloading the drwdot files and simply being able to switch sizes with the sheet formats uploaded as .slddrt but either system is rather cumbersome.


      Requested Solution:

      What essentially I am wanting to know is there either

      A. A way to link Layers to Commands via document properties in a .slddrt file

      B. A way to download a set of presets once a drawing is generated and easy for people to select similar to how the custom drawing standard is added in.

      C. Link the layer to command settings that will attach to the drawing standard


      If there is a way to do any of these 3 it would solve my issue.  Otherwise simply going to have to go back to downloading .drwdot Files from our database and only use the sheet formats uploaded into SolidWorks to switch between sheet sizes which would be rather disappointing. Thanks in advance for any help you can give me and sorry for making this post so long.



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          Eric Blankinship

          Actually found answer to my own question just now.  Figured I'd still reply to this to share this information for anyone else trying to make custom title blocks.  So essentially option C is able to be made work.  The way we had it setup was so the layer settings and command layer picks in the document properties were being link to the base file the .drwdot rather than the .sldstd file.  By setting up all the settings I want and then overwriting the .sldstd file means that all the settings are now linked to the drafting standard.  Now all we need to do do create a new drawing is to load a template in the selector box when creating a new drawing and then switch the drafting standard to our custom one and everything is setup.