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Equation driven curve bug?

Question asked by Thomas Harty on Sep 1, 2015

I've noticed some odd behaviour when using the equation driven curve feature in a 3D sketch.


When I create a parametric curve, I expect it to be fully defined, no matter what the curve is. However, I've found that sometimes the curve element changes between fully defined and underdefined depending on how I parametrise it. For example, if I set (arbitrary example)


x_t: 21.43228719 + 5 + 10*t

y_t: 15.0875 + 0.5*(1-cos(pi*t))*(15.0875-3.175)

z_t: 15



t_1: 0

t_2: pi

the curve shows up as fully defined. But, with

t_1: 0

t_2: 1

the endpoints come out as fully defined, but the body of the curve remains blue, and the element is listed as underdefined.


Is this expected behaviour, or a bug?