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View Orientation with Automatic Update

Question asked by John Kruse on Aug 31, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 1, 2015 by John Kruse

I am trying to create a saved orientation view that automatically updates to be normal to a selected face/plane with a separate feature horizontal in the view.  This can be manually done by holding Ctrl, selecting the 2 features, clicking "Normal To" and saving the orientation, but it does not update if the geometry does.  I am creating a large family of organic shaped sheet metal parts that need these views in drawings and manual updates risk having views where the part is no longer flat to the view plane causing all sorts of problems.


Searching has so far yielded nothing, but I feel this is a feature I have used in other CAD packages.  My current line of thinking is write a macro that automatically updates the views, but it feels like this would be highly specific to a particular application with limited flexibility for multiple saved views and still a minimal guarantee it is run when the part is saved short of using save macros.


A way to do this directly in the final drawing would be even better.