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Can't use the PLC manager formula "CHAN_TYP + ":" + COM_VAL1 + "." + CHAN_ADDR" properly...

Question asked by Dimitri Lagojdiuk on Aug 31, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 15, 2015 by Dimitri Lagojdiuk

Hi everyone,


In the PLC manager I try to use the formula  "CHAN_TYP + ":" + COM_VAL1 + "." + CHAN_ADDR" which should give as a result:


Channel Type (out/In) : Position in the rack . Channel number (example : I:2.05 or I.05)


To do so, I double-click the component to open its properties, then configure it as in the enclosed "capture1.png"

I have also configured the manufacturer reference as in "capture2.png", and associated my I/Os to the PLC in the Manager...


In "capture3.png" you'll see the given result: it seems that there is a bug as instead of getting "O:2.0" (i.e for Output "0" of card nb "2"), I got "0:2.", "1:2.", "2:2." etc....

Like if the channel type was replaced by the channel number, and like if there was no channel numbers....


Would you have any help to this?

I would like at least to get the letter "I" or "O" automatically, and will find by myself the rest of the formula


Many thanks in advance!