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    Get Latest Version Link

    Clyde Gibson


      So I have this help page that I just started making to help my EPDM users find some tutorials. ( Will eventually create my own manual to use our system but that will have to wait.) At the bottom of the Page I have the note to "Get latest on the Templates folder" I would like to create a hyperlink on the "Templates" that will Get Latest Version of that folder without having to open that folder location through explorer. How would I go about doing this?



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          Paul Wyndham

          With EPDM 2014 and 2015 you are able to push get latest on specific folders through the user/group settings.

          This way when the user logs in the specific folders would update if any changes were made.



          The other option (if it exists) would be to use an API.


          You can use a string similar to this to explorer into a folder. You would change the projected and Documentid to find what your looking for.



          But, with out the API discussed here or an automated email from a state change it might be hard to find the folder your looking for.