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model can not be rebuilt when changing a configuration

Question asked by Ben D. on Aug 31, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 1, 2015 by Ben D.

I have a part (a bolt) with many configurations. It has a "Rebuild/save mark" for all configurations saved.

When this part is inserted into assembly, and the configuration is changed (and "Rebuild" and "Force regen the top level assembly" commands are executed) , the model's geometry still does not update. If I open that part, switch to that configuration, rebuild that part in it's own window - then it shows up correctly in the assembly also. But changing the configuration in the assembly does not change the model.


The assembly is resolved, not lighweight or something.

System options > Performance > "Purge cashed configuration data" is unchecked

Rebuild/save mark is activated for all configurations of the part


It was working on another computer, but not it doesn't. Both workstations have the same SW 2015 with sp4.


What could be done ?