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Kenneth Barrentine
Is it possible to have a concentric "mate reference" that has the "Lock Rotation" option pre-set?
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Lukasz Stanislawski
Hi   I would like to make build manual for a bicycle using exploded views. By build manual I mean step-by-step instruction how to build a bicycle. Similarly to IKEA furniture build manuals.   I was thinking about making one big exploded view for the whole assembly. Make a drawing of it and hide all parts and then gradually unveiling elements… (Show more)
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Amruta T.
Hello   Is there a way to read folder id and full file path of selected file in EPDM vault   I am trying below code but not works for me   For Folder Id  - @ folderId = ppoData(index).mlObjectID3   For full file path - fileObject = poCmd.mpoVault.GetObject(EdmObjectType.EdmObject_File, ppoData(index).mlObjectID1)
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Annarita Di Lascio
Hi everybody! I am a student and I want to download the free software version. Thanks to my university, I get the license but I cannot use it because I have a Windows 7 32 bit version, while on the website most modern versions are available only. Do you know if I can dowload somehow the oldest version (I think the 2014 one)? Thank you in… (Show more)
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Li Jiaxian
What are your most impressive tricks of solidworks, Please spread this question to more people. It is better to list 5~10 tricks for others, we will accumulated more and more in future.
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Alexander Klammer
Hi,   I´m totally new to composer and composer api.   But is it possible to write a save as macro or a batch save as for composer also?   Br Alex
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Richie More
i want to route multiple wires to show a harness. how to create splice in schematics? please help.
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Raphael Rorato
Hello, i am setuping a new computer, and i'd like to know would be better for SW and gaming. Quadro P1000 or GTX 1050Ti? Why and what are the differences?
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Conrad Cormier
Looking to simulate a strength test. As you can see in the picture, the idea is to use some round supports and apply a force to the center pipe. I have the bottom supports set as bearing supports, thinking that would allow them to pivot. But it`s not working. The sides of the part should be in line with the red lines. So my pivots are not working.… (Show more)
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