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John Smith
Hello,   Please could someone offer some guidance, I am struggling to get the loft feature to work how I want it. Basically I would like when viewed from the right plane. The sketches on plane 2 and 4 to be square if that makes sense it seems to bulge out and I want it to be straight on this section. I do not have much experience with lofts… (Show more)
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Ville Kahelin
Click to view contentHi everyone, I'm interested to get information saved in excel-file out of models created in Driveworks. How to get document property information as part names, part codes, materials and size (Length and width) out of Driveworks? What is the smartest way?   If I could get DriveWorks make Excel with information I need automatically when I make a… (Show more)
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Joel Gilbert
This year was an unusual one for me on many fronts. Due to a number of concurrent events in my professional life my focus was quite different this year from the previous three. My focus this year was more on my own career and skillset, along with supporting SWUGN, EKGAR, etc. The previous three years I was concerned with absorbing as much… (Show more)
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Robert Werner
I downloaded this SketchUp file mars curiosity rover obj | 3D Warehouse and converted it using SketchUp - export function to dwg format. However, when I try to import it in Solidworks 2012, the process is so slow that it is impractical. Solidworks creates an enormous number of files. Finally I abandoned the conversion. I succeed in exporting and… (Show more)
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Rob Edwards
Click to view contentHi Everyone   I'm currently working on panelling job and need an efficient/safe way to differentiate between features that should be done in the shop or on-site. I just wondered if anyone has any ideas as to the best way to go about it. Ideally I'd like to just make the change in one place.. probably setting a custom property? ..and then have… (Show more)
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Reginald Tift
I have create a copy of sheet with no tags. I need to create  a title block of 24 rows with  2 columes. I'm using 11" x 17"  form. Therefore I get an offset of -.38. Look at the attactment below. Once I get the information in the array, I cant seem to get it to replicate the rows. The row does not replicate ----nothing changes once I click on "OK"… (Show more)
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Sam Sam
I made on a desktop label for entry Web in required Vault. But at an input the Login & Pass window appears. It is possible to make something to add to this label for an automatic input under other specified user and without this window? Or any script or bat file? I want to move ithis label to the network folder.
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Bob Tosi
Click to view contentWhy would SW in their infinite wisdom have this as a restriction.     I have a large machine that I have drawn a few details off of one of the views. Now I would like to crop that view to fit the paper size. For some stupid reason SW does not allow you to do this. I know there is some sort of work around, but why should there be.
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Jakis Test
Click to view contentWhen I point top surface of an extruded feature like that: and press some numbers: (this time 19) after numbers, I will press the mouse anywhere and it will change the feature depth dimension. IS THERE A WAY TO TURN THIS OPTION OFF??   Regards Arek
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Kim Quoc Anh
It would be great if someone can tell me exactly what are the necessary requirements in an Assembly. I think it involves : a good number of views (2-4), bill of materials,title block, notes, clear dimensions, and some necessary center/projection/section lines right ? Thank you so much for all your help
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