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Nicholas Ashforth
Hi everyone!   I'm having difficulty modeling a rather complex surface. I'm designing a cylinder head for an engine and am trying to vary the thickness of the bottom plate from 3mm near the edge to 9mm near the central feature(bolt pattern and combustion chamber), the bottom face needs to remain flat. I've tried a loft and a boundary boss (which… (Show more)
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Alex Polo
Hi - I am importing a STEP ASSEMBLY into SW2018 in previous SW2017 imports I would get all the previously named parts to display correctly now all the parts come in with untitled# sequence - any advice on how to correct this.   Thanks Alex. 
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Chad Huleatt
I'm trying to model "Prism carved letters". My company does a lot of these - see pic below.   We currently make them by cutting the shape of the letter out with a band saw/ jig saw, then cut the angled faces with an overhead router. (bearing runs on the edge of the letter), then finish carving the "valleys" that the router can't get into by hand.… (Show more)
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Sf Ssfg
Hello all, I would like to ask you about driving dimmension tolerance of part from excel. I have simple part (block) with 3 dimmension and excel table with 3 rows and macro.  This macro easily insert value from excel cell to solidworks dimmension.   Private Sub CommandButton1_Click() Dim swApp As SldWorks.SldWorks Set swApp =… (Show more)
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Wehlee Arolf
Hi Guys,   I need help. I downloaded a 3D assembly and after rebuilding it to 2017. The attach part cannot be seen already. I have no idea what went wrong.   Can anybody please help me.   Thanks and appreciate it much.   Wehlee
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Alexey Semenov
I can't understand how the design study receives such an angle? Instead of 30 degrees it shows 1900 degrees! How?! Model: two plates are connected at one point hinged on diagonally opposite points of the coupling spring. Normal calculation in the Motion Study shows maximum displacements of about 33 degrees. When trying to solve optimization… (Show more)
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Bryce Mullen
I‘m running SolidWorks 2016 on Windows 10 (Fall Creators Update) on a mid 2017 top tier 13” MacBook Pro with Intel Iris Pro 650 graphics. Currently my dynamic highlighting lags heavily but I am unable to uncheck OpenGL. Is there any way to get SW to recognize my graphics card so I can see if unchecking GL will speed up my performance? Thanks! 
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Samuel Petersen
Hello,   I use DocumentManager to the mass from all configurations: 2017 SOLIDWORKS API Help - GetMassProperties Method (ISwDMConfiguration)   Sometimes I get a swDmMassPropErrorNoData-error for a configuration. When I open the file in SWX, change to this configuration and use swModel.Extension.GetMassProperties, I get the mass.   Does anyone… (Show more)
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Adel Taheri Aval
What is difference  between unit and point . Tanks Adel
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Casey Gorman
My abstract for a Model Based Definition has been accept for SWW18. As I have done the last 2 years, I am reaching out to those  interested in the subject for input. This years presentation won't really involve the use of the MBD addin, but is more of an information/discussion session.   Points I am considering are: History of MBD or what drove… (Show more)
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Alexander Schwartz
Hi,   I am trying to convert Alias models which are surfaces- into Solidworks parts (solids). I was able to export the models as .obj's from the Solidworks Visualizer and save as a part files. But when I go to edit the surfaces- no options are available to edit with.   I attached an example-   Any insight would be greatly appreciated!
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