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Ray Fletcher
Hi. My name is Ray. I live in Work in Georgia.   I am working on a personal project for a mold. The part you see here (and I have attached a sldprt. as well below), is part of a larger assembly. What is here however is the only part that I am going to need to build a mold for. I have completed several courses on mold injection design, but this… (Show more)
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Eugen Popa
Recently I've updated to SW2018. Before (SW2014), with an assembly exploded, to collapse it, I was doing right-click in the graphic window and ''Collapse'' was appearing. Now this option ins't there anymore. But I've seen something new: ''Contour Sellect Tool''. If I select that, and after, right-click again, the ''Collapse'' appears. So I… (Show more)
in Modeling and Assemblies
Lawrence Ayers
I'm trying to use pipe routing on SW18 with some very large pipes (700NB), first of all I can't find a pipe this big in the standard library, secondly when I try and drag and drop the next best flange (24') onto my model I get an error message saying 'Please specify valid routing component(s) to start the route', if I use a smaller flange there is… (Show more)
in Routing
F. Leatin
I'm having problems shelling this model. I keep getting the shown error message. I'm not sure where exactly the problem is coming from. I'm sure someone here will be able to figure it out. Thank you . Frank
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Michael Leer
I am running Solidworks pro 2018 and have been running into issues when placing views in a drawing. The error occurs when I place a views on a drawing and then hit esc key to stop placing views.   I am running 16 GB ram so that is not the issue as I checked the ram usage when the errors have occurred. I also tried to remedy the problem via… (Show more)
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Manivannan Panneerselvam
Hi everyone, I got a task to pack the maximum number of circles into a 1200mm x 1000mm Rectangle Ø56m After a lot of research, I found out that there is no optimal solution. So, I try to pack as many as possible (taking this website as reference) Circles within a Rectangle I like to know there is any math formula available to calculate the… (Show more)
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Igor Fomenko
The second thread is not shown, features can`t be updated (see equations). I have to use equations because there is no "up to point" option in cosmetic thread feature.
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