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Chris Sargent
Click to view contentThis is beginning to drive me crazy.  When I switch between named views my model will center in the window as it should.  When I click to start a sketch or created a feature Solidworks is not centering my model in the window.  Solidworks throws it to some random place on the screen.  In this pic I selected a feature and choose edit sketch.  When I… (Show more)
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Scott Stuart
My company makes packaging equipment, and several of our customers are starting to model up their whole production lines in 3D and have started asking us for models of the equipment we provide them.   I'm curious to know how you handle this. Do you just export a step file of the full assembly with all the detail? Do you simplify it first, and… (Show more)
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Michael Shields
Our company is looking to possibly switch from NX11 to Solidworks.  We primarily use the modeling package and sheetmetal packages as we make commercial restaurant equipment.  So 90% of our designer's time is spent in the sheetmetal world.  NX is very good with sheetmetal but still has corner condition issues but overall we like the software.  It… (Show more)
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Carl Castro
When creating ordinate dimensions, I have to click multiple times for each feature I want added. I'll have to click 1 - 2 times on the feature, then again towards where the origin is before the dimension appears. I can't seem to find settings to fix this.   Uploaded a video, although it doesn't show when I click. I click 1 - 2 times when over a… (Show more)
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John Stoltzfus
Click to view content                                                                                                                SWIFT = SolidWorks International Forum Team   How many times do you see a great thread get trashed or hijacked for various reasons and I'll take the "Stand" and say I'm the worst for doing that.. So when I'm acting stupid tell… (Show more)
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S. Leacox
Is there a way to use selection filters the following way?   I desire to select all the edges in a graphic region, that are co-linear to the X or Y or Z axis.   So say the part is a flat piece of sheet metal. How do I select all of the vertical edges only?
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Jocelyn Erchul
Click to view contentHello everyone - hope you're having a wonderful day.   My co-worker and I are both experiencing issues with lagging when adding text to SW drawings.    I checked out which is similar, but not quite what I'm experiencing. We also have not had issues with our graphics cards.   For example, when I type… (Show more)
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Le Dude
Click to view contentHi all.   Back to my RC fuselage.  Thinking of doing a different skin for the outer fuselage.  So I draw outside of the Lofted surface already created previously.  The guide curve is a pain but I managed to move it so that the lofter surface can be seen. Great.  Added the first guide curves on the front and no problem.  As soon as I added the… (Show more)
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Baljinder Shahi
So i have a part derived from design table and in that design table i have created an excel macro, then i save the excel sheet saved the part reopen it and try to run that buttons in the design table give me error that " cannot run macro , macro is not available or all macro disabled " I checked in the excel trust center all macros are enabled Is… (Show more)
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Joe Lacey
Can anyone explain the procedure that Solidworks uses to validate the simulation packages, Simulation premium in particular.  Does solidworks follow NAFEMS verification/validation problem sets?   Joe 
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Danny Edwards
I was wondering what type of mouse/keyboard you like to use. I like my setup of the Logitech K360 wireless keyboard in the center the 3dconnexion wireless cad mouse on the right and the 3dconnexion space mouse pro to the left.
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