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Matthew Shekels
Hello,   I was exploring the functionality of the belt/chain and chain pattern tools and discovered I could really use a fit spline...   Problem is I cannot locate the fit spline tool in spline tools, and when I search for it in the search window it appears but if I click it my system locks up and forces me to reboot SW.   When I

Thomas Egger
Our CEO does really want to substitute our PDM with SAP !! This is no chocke! We are working now with the PDM from Solidworks fairly well. Does anyone know a company with a datamanagement with only SAP ?   I think this a ridiculous question, but our CEO has it in mind and we have to proove the opposite!   Thanks for any comments!
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Bob Van Dick
I have started to play around with weldments (never used them before).  I fumbled through the SolidWorks tutorial and decided to try some on my own.  I have placed several gussets on the attached weldment, but can't seem to get one to show up in one corner.  I'm getting a "please select a planar or cyclindrical face" error.  As