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Chad Huleatt
I'm trying to model "Prism carved letters". My company does a lot of these - see pic below.   We currently make them by cutting the shape of the letter out with a band saw/ jig saw, then cut the angled faces with an overhead router. (bearing runs on the edge of the letter), then finish carving the "valleys" that the router can't get into by

Richard Wagenaar
When editing the dimension of a part in sketch mode I see delays which I do not see when editing dimension of the same part not in sketch mode. It often takes time of 1 second or more before the dimension edit box pops up   I also see  a clear delay before the dimension edit box pops up while adding dimensions in sketching.   I
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Erik Rotolo
as the title states, I would like a macro that has 3 steps; Forces Rebuild (ctrl+q) of the current document, then iso view (ctrl+7) if its a part or asm, or  zoom to fit (f) if its a drawing, then save the document (ctrl+s).   I found some macro's that are close to what I want; Force Rebuild and Save, Super Rebuild, Zoom and Rebuild