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Roland Schwarz
Way past time to stop naming SW editions after year of issue. We don't need a new, mediocre release every year. Slow your roll, Dassault.   Switch to version naming, which does not proclaim a version's perceived obsolescence in its own name. Space out new versions every two or three years. Take time to get it right. Let your user base

Jerome De San Nicolás
Today I found this part in our vault (see attached, SW2017). Check the design tree, I swear this is not a joke... I really need to start teaching design intent. (and this forum need a "horror museum" type of post for this kind of monstrosity).   Edit : Keep in mind that this topic is mostly here to show the importance of the design intent
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Zephir Durand
Hello i try to learn SolidWork after Sketchup. -Why i can't select multiple evenement with the selection zone ? only one by one, terrible -Why when i delete a part of a sketch, that delete all the sketch, sometime yes, sometime no -How am i supposed to move sketches ? Sometime that work, sometime no. I can't translate on an axe properly, ALT