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Matt Calzone
For some reason I can't get this thread to take shape. Not sure if my profile sketch is accurate
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Victor Fagerlund
Hi,   I am working on a layout and apparently this bend has suddenly become impossible to make. I have attached the part and assembly files. You can see the bend I'm talking about if you open the part file and select the 'Foldet' configuration. Can anyone please explain why I can't make this bend in my assembly?
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Maha Nadarasa
This Line and Spline is in 3D space and has to add a collinear relation. It is not working for me that means I am not getting a collinear relation tool in the PM. But it worked in the tutorial. How to fix it?   SolidWorks S Tutorial #331 : Crane Hook - YouTube Time 25.28-25.36          
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Ryan Hader
Hello,   I have a relatively simple static simulation I am trying to get some reaction loads from. Any help with the solidworks simulation would be greatly appreciated!   Problem: 1) Mass (Block) is strapped down to a fixed platform with two bolts on eitehr side as will some position bolts on the top of the strap 2) There is gravity acting… (Show more)
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Warren Ginn
Hello,   I've been experimenting with creating a simple animation in PhotoView 360 to simulate how I want an illuminated button to behave. The button would have a ring of LEDs beneath a piece of translucent plastic such that the ring would "pulse" on and off. As opposed to setting up multiple point lights, I'm trying to use an animated appearance… (Show more)
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Mark Armstrong
Hi,   I'm trying to simulate the hydrostatic pressure in a pressure vessel. It seems there is more than one way to 'skin a cat' with this type of study.   I found an interesting study which I want to recreate to compare against my own study, yet I'm having problems deciphering their equation. I'm not sure how to put their data into the edit… (Show more)
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Abc Cba
Hi' After perofrming SaveAsPart to a big assembly I got a part file with thousands of surface features. They all bare the names of their original model files. I wish to batch rename all features with incremental numerator . Using IFirstFeature gets me runtime error 91 :"object variable or With block varibale not set"   Please assist.
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Zach Lerner
Title.  The end CAD I'm trying to make more modular is an assembly that looks like this (001) And the core part in question of this looks like this (002) which is, through any combination of patters, assembled from three features that looks like this before patterning (003) The core issue I have now is that I want the user to be able to… (Show more)
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