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Baker Foust
     Unfortunately I have recently acquired a position that requires the use of solid works. Looking for advice tips tricks anything useful on how to pass the hours of downtime during SW rebuilds?

I have heard discussion lately about how the measure tool still does not satisfy some requirements for our users. I would like to start a specific discussion so that we (Product Definition) can better understand what works well with it, what needs improvement, or perhaps we should throw out the entire thing and start over etc. Make distinctions
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Dave Bear
Hi all, I was looking at buying a copy of this book through Amazon and have a few questions. Given that this book was released on March 11th 2013 would it still be considered the "Bible" so to speak for those who are learning SolidWorks? I couldn't find any information pertaining to a revised edition ever being released of this book.  
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Matt la Croix
Hi All, Recently one of our designers was doing some work in an assembly and the entire model graphically disappeared even though the parts still show in the tree. Selecting a part in the tree displays where it should be in the graphics area but the part does not appear. This issue can be recreated on other PCs (we are using an EPDM vault).