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Jeff Value
As a many year designer of food processing equipment we are planning to start eliminating all lock washers and most flat washers from our designs.   This is to improve sanitation of our machines, as well as customer requests.   There are also studies that demonstrate that lock washers actually cause fasteners to loosen more easily.

Jerry Papa
It has separate inflators - canisters - for the inner and outer bags. How would I begin to design even just the outer bag in SW? TIA.   Solidworks newbie here. So no flamewars.   
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Emad Ktifany
Hello everyone To make sheet metal bending more accurate and easy, I use a small triangle cut the points at the location of bending line so that the operator does not have to measure, instead, he just uses these triangles (shown in attached file) as a guide. I do that manually now, by using Unfold/Fold commands and cut these triangles as a