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Nicholas Ashforth
Please see attached part file. I am rounding all of these heat-sink vanes. I had no problem with the straight vanes, but for some reason, the full round fillet will not work on the angled ones. I can't think of a reason for this, as all the vanes have the same features and very similar shapes, the only real difference being orientation. If anyone

Corey McVeigh
Hi so in my part, one side is suppose to be extruded 10mm, and another 7mm. However, I accidently extruded the whole thing 10mm and now i don't know how edit the second half to a 7mm extrusion   Thanks for your help
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Chung-Hang Chin
Is there a way to trim of a projected curve? I know I could go in to edit the two sketches but I already have 3d sketches with relations connected to it. Also is there a way to split a continuous project curve to separate selections. For example, I want to surface loft the front of the car project curved which consists of project curve and 3d