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Francisco Martínez
I just received this email from onshape and I thought it would be a good question on the SW forum. I am at a intermediate level using solidworks and I always look for ways to improve all my skills. ONshape is selling a book that shows good technique , I guess it goes a little farther than a basic tutorial.   So in my en-devour to become the

Rick Becker
I have a request for ever user attending this years SWW.   At every opportunity possible, start loudly chanting over and over and over again.   ONE and TWO, ONE and TWO, ONE and TWO...
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Maha Nadarasa
I want to buy SWX. I visited many website of my nearest re-seller but couldn’t see any page dedicated to process the transaction.   I purchased other software but I straight away went to their website and bought it without any hassle.   Why is Solid Works like this?