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Jerome De San Nicolás
Today I found this part in our vault (see attached, SW2017). Check the design tree, I swear this is not a joke... I really need to start teaching design intent. (and this forum need a "horror museum" type of post for this kind of monstrosity).   Edit : Keep in mind that this topic is mostly here to show the importance of the design intent

I wanted to start a new thread where we can collect some of the craziest messages that we get when working with solidworks. Please try to insert the image into the text using the insert image button. Also, try not to post here unless you have an image to contribute, so that there is not too much text in between each image.  Anyone have the
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Maha Nadarasa
I try to replicate Feature Works in the Webinar video. So that I created a parametric model similar to that is in webinar and convert it into dumb file then again tried to convert it into parametric model using feature works.   Recognized feature numbers are not similar in my file as in the webinar part. What is the reason for that?  
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Zephir Durand
Hello i try to learn SolidWork after Sketchup. -Why i can't select multiple evenement with the selection zone ? only one by one, terrible -Why when i delete a part of a sketch, that delete all the sketch, sometime yes, sometime no -How am i supposed to move sketches ? Sometime that work, sometime no. I can't translate on an axe properly, ALT