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Alin Vargatu
When my son was 3 he declared that he wants to be "a builder". A builder in his mind was a person who can create anything, regardless of the shape complexity. I would translate that to an engineer, architect, handyman, plumber, carpenter....   At that age anything is possible   Now that he is 6, he has not changed his mind. I am

Tony Tieuli
I've noticed that my forum points have been frozen since early yesterday morning. I just looked at the leaderboards and some folks have received points today but many (including quite a few who usually get points.) haven't Does anyone know what's up?
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Robert Gillis
Hi, I want to save a part and then modify it for use it in some other place.  When I try to save a part using "Save As", I get three choices, "Save As", "Save As copy and continue", and finally "Save As copy and open."  The part I want to save is  complex and I don't want to screw up my original part.  I want to save a copy of