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Forum feature: feature symbol emojis

Discussion created by Chris Pratt on Sep 3, 2019
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A possible feature for this forum would be custom emoji's (or something similar) with the symbol for each feature in SolidWorks. For example, I would want to be able to type "/(Surface Extrude) Surface Extrude" to get:
Surface Extrude


Its not feasible to gather these emojis by hand. Could SolidWork's program data be ripped to automatically pull all these images and label them with the appropriate feature?


Could it be implemented such that if I type "Surface Extrude" (with capitals?) in a post it is automatically pre-pended with the symbol so that those who don't know of the emoji's existence still get the benefit of them appearing in their posts?

Besides just being nice and professional looking, this would improve the readability and clarity of posts. It would also benefit those unfamiliar with the program, so that when someone mentions "the feature you need is a straight shot" there is a smaller chance the reader is left wondering "okay but what is that, and where dafuuc is that in SolidWorks?".