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Select and Edit a general table

Question asked by Tom Fosler on Jul 18, 2007
Latest reply on Apr 8, 2014 by Yong Ning
I am writing a macro that will populate a general table from anexcel document. I would like to program in the option via anIf/Then statement to either edit an existing table in the drawingor insert a new one. I can insert a new one with no problem, but Ican't seem to edit an existing one. Any suggestions? Here issimilar code that works for a Revision Table:

Dim RevTable As Object
If Not Part.GetCurrentSheet.RevisionTable Is Nothing Then
Set RevTable = Part.GetCurrentSheet.RevisionTable
Set RevTable = Part.GetCurrentSheet.InsertRevisionTable(True, 0, 0,4, _
"W:BLOCKSSolidWorks TemplatesOtherREVISIONTABLE.sldrevtbt")
End If