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Performance Evaluation...the facts

Question asked by Josee Laplante on Jun 7, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 7, 2019 by Frank Root

Do you know how much the following factors have an impact on the opening and display performance of an assembly? Is it worth while taking the time to fix a few things or the gain is so minimal I wont even see it?


- Older file version of our standard library parts.

Do we need to update those each year we updrade SW version? Our projects span over a few years often over 2 SW version. Up to now we have never updated this library and I see that in the performance evaluation they are listed. What would happen with 2016 assembly models containing newly converted 2018 standard library parts are opened in read-only?


- Custom fasteners library showing threads.

Can we simply supress those for a better performance or we need to delete them to gain efficiency.


- Image Quality.

For some reason I see we have some in medium and even high quality and I know they slow the opening. Would it make a noticable difference to change everything to a lower quality?


- Graphic Triangles.

How can I reduce the quantity? Some parts have well over 5000 but when I look at them they are quite simple.