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    Where used Tab

      We have several duplicate file names in our vault and I am in process of cleaning them out. One Question

      Would it be safe to say in the where used tab if there is no folder structure when you select a file that it does not belong to an assembly and can be deleted?
      The other duplicated file has a folder structure on where the assembly is used.


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          Devon Sowell
          Hi Frank-

          I don't have the answer to your question as I am offsite and away from my Enterprise PDM computer and I hate to guess. Maybe you could Check In some example files yourself to try and verify your findings, or set up a quick Test Vault.

          I do have this comment;

          SolidWorks please change the default Vault setting to Don't Allow Duplicate File Names in the Vault. I have yet to encounter any company that wants duplicate file names allowed as the default setting.

          Also, could this setting be emphasized more in training and perhaps be moved to the first chapter in manuals?

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            Joy Garon
            Hi Frank -

            Not quite - you would have to do this for each version of the file.
            Or, you could write a T-SQL query that would find all files without references.