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    What are your system specs?

    Patrick Underwood
      How powerful a computer do you need to run a flow simulation?

      My work computer is a dual core 6400/2.13 GHz, with 8 GB of RAM, running XP 64-bit. The graphics card is an nvdia Quadro FX3700.

      I have set up a simple chassis with a few fans and a couple of heat sources. The simulation times are running into days, with the initial mesh set to 3.

      So, you guys who are running big hairy simulations... what kind of supercomputer are you using?

      Oops... should have looked down a few messages for a similar thread.

      Wow, I think I better go get my IT guy.

        • What are your system specs?
          Anthony Botting
          Patrick that does not sound unusual since you are solving momentum, velocity, pressure and now heat transfer (but perhaps you're doing transient, too?). CFD is a big deal on any system. A way to get it going is to just do the flow (no heat), coarse mesh and suppress all but one inlet and one outlet. You can set an initial velocity to 'help' the equations solve faster. Then when you get a solution, just open another inlet, run again (using answers from last run to pick up where it left off), then add some outlets, then add some heat...take baby steps and it will help.