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    Help with lid!

    Timmy Brown
      Hi, I'm in the F1 In Schools program, and my teacher has 1 Solidworks 2009 program installed on it. Whenever I fit a lid perfectly in the hole, it still says that the geometry is incorrect. Please help me, I followed the tutorial, except when it says to make all the car except the lid red, the Appearence Manager doesn't open (After I apply the color, the "edit-the-properties-of-appearence" panel). Please help, I need Floworks to work!
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          Deepak Gupta

          Can you upload the pages of tutorial you following along with the files. Do zip you files before uploading.

          Look here on How to attach the file: https://forum.solidworks.com/forum/messageview.cfm?catid=8&threadid=13518
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            Anthony Botting
            Timmy: I assume your question is that the FloWorks reports something like "...flow domain not laying on boundary..."? or is the problem with the Appearance Manager? If it is the first item, that can be cured easily if you make the lids oversized. Don't make them an exact fit, but purposely cause interference between the lid and the pipe. I usually make the lids visibly larger diameter than the pipe, and thick enough to see the lid thickness relative to the rest of the model. The exact fit does not work at all times, usually due to a line contact: the algorithm cannot resolve. If you make geometry purposely interfere, you should have very good luck. As far as Appearance Manager, I am not very familiar with trouble shooting methods for that. Good Luck! Anthony B.
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                David Paulson



                I, too, create my lids manually with an extrusion that is much larger than the nozzle opening.  I have found the "Create Lids" feature in Flow 2009 to be very unreliable and usually returns the error message that the fluid domain does not lie on the solid boundary.  However, when I create a piping manifold in Routing, I cannot add the usual lids manually and have to use the "Create Lid" feature in Flow.  For most all of the analysis that I do I create a "simplified model" that is usually just a part and not a routing assembly to reduce computational time.


                Do you know if there are any issues with the "Creat Lid" feature in Flow 2009 and do you know if there are any issues when using Flow to analyze a piping assembly produced in Routing??